Episode1: And Here We Go. 2014’s Upcoming Movies Part 1

We welcome you to the Home of the House of Gozer Podcast.

What is the House of Gozer Podcast? well, if you don’t know what a podcast is, WAKE UP from the dark ages my friend, the future is here. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!!!

Seriously though, we on the House of Gozer Break down the Geek, every week from the latest topics in Movies, TV, Comic Books, Toys, Games, all the geek that is fit to squeak about we cover here.House Of Gozer: 001 And Here We Go

In our first Episode, it goes right to heel quick when Brian and Jason go off on the Dark Knight Rises, Christian does the worst impression of Bane ever and we start to riff on the upcoming movie releases for 2014.

Part One of Two.


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