All New Episode is LIVE!!! 8: Pool Party. Now with show notes!!

House of Gozer: 008 Pool Party

This week, not only is everyone here but we delve deep into the animation awesomeness that is ADULT SWIM. From Space Ghost Coast to Coast to Rick and Morty we cover all the funny we can in one podcast. Also, we get into the Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer, The new 300 movie and this weeks mind blowing episode of Agents of Shield. As Macho Man would say, Oooooooyeah!

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Episode 8 Links and Show notes

For all info on Adult Swim including shows and times. Go here:

Also The Adult Swim You Tube Channel here:

The List of all Adult Swim Programs defunct and currently in production.

If you want to check out Helix go here

If you wanna check out Hannibal

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