THIS WEEK: An Ode to Oderus

This week we say goodbye to one of the greatest frontmen of all time. Dave Brockie AKA Oderus Urungus of the mighty GWAR. We also cover Jason’s love of Sarah Silverman, Christian’s sudden chub love for Sarah Pailn, why Flash Gordon 1980 was the shit and Spoliers Ahead as we break down the awesomeness that is Captain America The Winter Soldier. Plus Comic and Walking Dead news. All this week in the House of Gozer. 

House of Gozer: 012 An Ode to Oderus

Episode 12 Show Links

Oderus On Fox News:

Oderus Reads Goodnight Moon:

Make a Dredd Sequel:

Sign The Petition:

News on the $$$ DREDD made.

Sarah Palin on The Tonight:

Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets

This is Hilarious Shit Right Here,

Brian’s Favorite Movie:

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