Pardon our Riffing in episode 31.

This week: Aaron Talks! The boys are talking their favorite comic books this week. Aaron takes us to Doctor Who school. Brian reminds us that The Great Lake Avengers was a real thing. Christian explains why Roger Corman’s 1993 shelved Fantastic Four movie is better than anything Josh Trank will come up with and Jason continues to be, well, Jason and a Horrorhound, indianapolis preview. All this week in the House of Gozer.

Show Links

The Top Ten Doctors.

Everything you want to know about Marvels The Great Lakes Avengers, but were afraid to ask.

The Tick returning to TV?

Do we really need a greatest American hero?

Doomed: The fantastic four movie that never was

Preview of Doomed

The Fantastic Four Movie that even though its old and hammy. Is still the best incarnation of the first family of comics. Yes, it’s the whole thing. Seriously.



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