The beast has it’s day with Episode 39: Meat for the Beast.

Finally, the movie we never thought we would see; Nightbreed the directors cut is out and we cover it this week as well as The title of Star Wars Episode 7, Cool movie scores,  Ant-Man’s Yellow Jacket revealed plus Jor El absentee parent and the ridiculousness of Star Wars character first names, all this week on the House of Gozer podcast.

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Everything you wanted to know about Nightbreed

Buy It Today

The Master

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yellowjacket anyone?




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** I ended up having to remove the audio where we set up the Nightbreed story due to poor quality. I doesn’t effect the podcast at all and you may even hear where it was. If you have seen the movie you need no introduction, for those who haven’t and want to know there is a link up top. We apologize but shit happens you know.


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