Episode 50: As the Spidey Swings

Spider-Man comes home, sort of. This week we talk about Sony and Marvel Studios joint share plan for Spider-man, Neil Blomkamp’s incredible art for an ALIEN movie and what exactly is a recalibration of the Halloween franchise? Will Constantine go to SyFy as Hellblazer, as well as Darth Vader #1 from Marvel and Carl grows up in The Walking Dead 137. All of that and more this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 50: As the Spidey Swings


Show Links

Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Sony is still pressing ahead with all their bad ideas


Marvel Studios makes room for Spidey


Neil Blomkamp may just do the one thing Fox can’t.

Make ALIEN awesome again.

Neill Blomkamp Says There’s A ‘High Possibility’ He Makes An ‘Alien’ Movie After All

Remake. Reboot. Re-imagining and now RECALIBRATION? 

and what does it have to do with Michael Myers? 

‘HALLOWEEN’: ‘Saw’ Writers Pen “Recalibration” of Franchise!

Ladies and Gentleman The Indominous Rex


Sif Returns


Constantine at SyFy?


Star_Wars_Darth_Vader_Vol_1_1 darth-vader-1-easter-egg-jabba-122397 wd-cover-137-clrFULL

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