Episode 52: We Have The Power!

Raise your Swords as we discuss the leaked Battle Cat picure from Sony’s Masters of the Universe. Will it be the next Guardians of the Galaxy? Avengers Age of Ultron trailer 3, and a 27 hour of Marvel Movie Marathon. Plus, Will DC include John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan, Agents of Shield Premiere, Star Wars Rebels Finale, DC Comics Convergence Covers, The Crossed and the awesomeness of DC’s Earth 2 series.

Episode: 52 We Have The Power!


 Show Links

Ford meme 1 Ford meme 2 Ford meme 3

The Harrison Ford crash memes that had us dying.

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer 3


Spidey in the Money Shot!


The leaked Battle Cat pic from DeVon Franklin of Columbia Pictures.

The coolness of the Masters of the Universe toys of the 80’s.

The 2002 Cartoon Network Series. Good Stuff!!

This. Is. Just. Awful.

The Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon.

The Ultimate Marvel Marathon is Coming to Theaters!

A few of the covers from DC Comic’s major universal realignment: Convergence.

Converg 1 Converg 2 Converg 3 Converg 4 Converg 5

Earth 2 Worlds End


The Crossed.


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