Episode 54: Horrorhounds III in 3-D

This week the guys bring you the podcast from the Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. The con lagged boys break down the who the what and the horror that happened from the convention and more. Plus Bruce Campbell’s Expendables of Horror, The Insidiious 3 trailer and Sleepy Hollow season 3 news as well as a comic review of IDW’s The Fly 2: Outbreak and the Joker Variant cover controversy this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 54: Horrorhounds III in 3-D



Show Links and Pics

Want to see an hours worth of Horrorhound Weeekend?

and here is some more

I was not able to find any footage of the Re-Animator Panel from last weekend

but I did find the Guardians of the Galaxy Panel with Rooker and Co.

Bruce Campbell and his Expendables of Horror

Bruce Campbell Making ‘Expendables of Horror’ Movie?

Insidious 3 new Trailer

The Fly: Outbreak #1 from IDW

The Fly - Outbreak 001-000 The Fly - Outbreak 001-001 The Fly - Outbreak 001-002 The Fly - Outbreak 001-003

Christian and Jason
Aaron meets The Soska Sisters

soskas 11061318_10205133475750133_4408162167569404968_n bannerr

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