Episode 59: Mr J ? No Way!

The Boys are all back this week just in time to get Joker bombed as Jered Leto’s Joker is revealed online! The reactions and the rage. Transformers are getting a shared universe, Vallant Comics scores a Sony movie deal and The Human Centipede: Third Sequence. Plus Daredevil’s second season will be here soon, The Flash is going to amaze, a review of DC Comics Convergence weeks 2 and 3 and more Joker twitter and web reactions all this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 59: Mr J? No Way!


Show Links

Well, this is one way to ruin my Day


Glad were not the only ones hating it. Some funny tweets here.


The way the trinity will look is Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


Transformers Shared Universe is a GO!


Valiant Comics Hits the Ground Running


This one is all Aaron and he can have it.


Daredevil Season 2

When Will Daredevil Season 2 be on Netflix?

This Week In Comics Convergence Week 3 Previews

Convergence (2015) 003-000 Convergence (2015) 003-001 Convergence (2015) 003-002 Convergence (2015) 003-003 Convergence (2015) 003-004

Convergence - Batman and the Outsiders (2015) 001-000  Convergence - Batman and the Outsiders (2015) 001-002 Convergence - Batman and the Outsiders (2015) 001-003 Convergence - Batman and the Outsiders (2015) 001-004

Convergence - Swamp Thing (2015) 001-000  Convergence - Swamp Thing (2015) 001-002 Convergence - Swamp Thing (2015) 001-003 Convergence - Swamp Thing (2015) 001-004

Convergence - The New Teen Titans (2015) 001-000  Convergence - The New Teen Titans (2015) 001-002 Convergence - The New Teen Titans (2015) 001-003 Convergence - The New Teen Titans (2015) 001-004

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