Episode 97: Time to make the chimi-fuckng-changas!

This week Deadpool is taking names and breaking records at the box office. Brian and Jason weigh in on the film with a spoiler free review and what does a successful R rated superhero film mean for the genre? Star Wars 8 has officially begun filming. Rouge One gets a brief description via the New York Toy Fair. Warners is worried that Batman V Superman is too dark yet they are not worried about over exposure and overcrowding the film? All this plus Blade Runner 2, the Ghostbusters main villain, the new Predator and the lowdown on yet another DC comics reboot, uh I mean Rebirth. These stories and more this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.



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On the podcast this week Christian talked about seeing a few pictures of deleted scenes from the 1975 blockbuster JAWS. It’s a wonder when you look at the pic, by today’s standards this is a money shot. If this pic would have been kept in the film it would have the first time the full shark would have been seen in the film rather than the “You’re gonna need a bigger boat line” which uses a little humor to balance out the terror of seeing the man sting maw coming up for chum.  This deleted shot of the shark coming up from the depths to bit that poor Kitner boy in half is terrifying. It almost mirrors the lobby posters and when you see the shot you can imagine the shock and horror that would have shuttered through the darkened theatre row by row. This shot is monstrous.

Here is the pic that reawakened nightmares and makes us all wish for those deleted scenes to be put back in.


Fucking Crazy right?

Other deleted scenes and goodies can be seen at


Check them out.

Quint’s a dick.

Annihilate your week and thanks for listening.


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