Episode 107: No Time for Soft Ass S**T!

This week the guys are talking about the rumored big bad of Justice League Part One and why he’s a good choice. Some of your favorite comic book TV shows got cancelled find out which ones. They also celebrate one of the most ground breaking comic to film adaptions in history. Plus, If Judge Dredd gets a new film or better yet TV series the guys choose five stories straight from the comics to adapt. All this and more this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.


The Crow

If you haven’t seen this film please do. It was one of the best comic to film adaptions of it’s time.
R.I.P. Brandon Lee

Rumor Mill

Justice League  –  The main villain of Justice league part 1 is non other than Steppenwolf.
Who is steppenwolf
  • He was created by Jack Kirby
  • He is Darkseid’s uncle and general of apocalypse’s armies
  • He is immortal, and has super speed and strength

The Super Powers Steppenwolf Figure.

Rumors are also flying around about the state of the DC film universe . 
  • Ben Affleck being named executive producer 


Dredd on TV or Dredd 2 Possiblities

Judge Dredd Still Image

Karl Urban
as a Movie ? As a TV show?
As a film you are limited where as a show like daredevil you can flesh out your stories and characters. TV is a much better medium for comic book or novel adaptions.
So here are some Judge Dredd Stories worthy of a TV run.

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