Episode 161: Geek Pop Vulture

This week the gang swings into Spider-Man: Homecoming. With Marvel studios and Kevin Fiege behind the creative wheel did this Spider-Man film do what the others could not? We answer that question this week. Chris reviews Sophia Coppola’s The Beguiled and the gang goes ga ga over O.A.T.S. studios. Plus Futurama leaves Netflix and a Doctor Who Finale break down, Jason’s Picks and much more this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.
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It’s time to embrace the musical genius within you and win some stuff.
Today we are announcing our first ever Podcast ” Send us a Jingle ” Contest.
Each participant will pick from the list of segments and write a completely original jingle lasting up to 15 seconds.
It could be anything, but it must be original. We don’t care if it’s you and a Kazoo it just has to be original and up to 15 seconds long.
The segment titles are:
The Big Thing
Movie News
Lets Talk TV
The Cool Shit
Jason’s Picks
The List
Winners will be receive a one of a kind House of Gozer podcast T-Shirt and will have their jingle featured on the podcast.
Entries can be sent to hogpodcast@gmail.com and must be received by July 29th 2017.
Multiple entries will be allowed but will be rewarded only for the jingle that is chosen.

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