Episode 306: Guardians, Gore and McGrainer

Hey you!! Make sure you get your votes in for the end of the year podcast. Details Inside!!

This week Mike McGraner is back and filling in for Matt with stories of the road, reunions, Covid, and Tarantino as we break down the biggest stories of the week in geek.  James Gunn may be the head of DC now, but he still has some Marvel to take care of first, one of those being the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special. Full review, plus what is up with Disney greeter Groot? Speaking of Gunn and DC, can we give the man some time to realize his vision and stop trolling him about contracts and what he is going to do. Then Christian breaks down the differences between the Halloween Ends Novelization and film and what they should have kept. All that and enough tangents to keep you all as confused as we are. 


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