Episode 310: The Flight of the Mandolorian and other Tangents

This week we are talking about the Mandalorian Season 3 finale or was in the series finale, either way, we are talking about the finer points of Season 3. Spoilers ahead, and don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t listen till you do, unless you don’t care, and then by all means, listen away. But I would ask, why are you listening to this if you don’t like The Mandalorian? I mean, it’s like the best thing that’s happened to Star Wars since Star Wars in 77. Now if they could just correct that Greedo shot first, the world would be a more perfect place and speaking of perfect, this episode is almost pure perfection if tangents are your thing. Expect more than a few tangents as Christain and Chris break down geek pop culture news this week on The House of Gozer podcast. 

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