Here’s Another One for the Fire. Episode 19 is Alive!

This week we celebrate one of the greatest horror movies ever made. George A Romero’s Night of The Living Dead. The history, the controversy the meaning behind the scares and what it means to us. Also This week in the Big Thing, Some Actual Ghostbusters news, Directors we don’t want to see direct Ant-Man, an update on the documentary The Death of Superman Lives as well as Monkey Brain Bowls and Bane voice apps. All this week in The House of Gozer.



Show Notes

Ghostbusters News.

Ruben Fleischer for Ghostbusters 3?

Ghostbusters Lego. You know you want it.

Theatrical Re-release and New Blu-Ray 2 pack


The Death of Superman Lives Doc. Help Jon finish this baby.


Star Wars News

TMZ gets some set pics

Fresh Casting News


Eat Like Indiana Jones.

Friday the 13th gets moved? Do we care?

Fist of Jesus!!!

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