Episode 20 is Total Freeball

This week we cover the startling rumor of the DC cinematic universes film line up, Pacific Rim Sequel, Star Wars Ep 7, Alien and more Ghostbusters news, some interesting kickstarter campaigns, Sylvester Stallone sings and much much more. In fact, this week was full of so much geek news we had to call someone else in to help. Episode 20 is Total Freeball with special guest Mike Neider.


Show Links.

Is this the DCCU’s movie plans for the next four years?



Pacific Rim Sequel News



Sigorney Weaver wants to finish Ellen Ripley’s Story.



Possible Story Details on Star Wars Episode 7 (Possible Spoilers)



Vincent D’Onofrio as The KINGPIN On Marvel’s DAREDEVIL Netflix Series



The New season of Hemlock Grove begins this July on Netflix



Kickstarter Campaigns you should help out.

Leviathan Hellraiser Documentary


H.P. Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness by Lux Digital Pictures


$$$$ Cool Shit $$$$

Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figure Toy Line by Warpo



Sly Stallone Sings!?


And now, some Mike Neider awesomeness.

Much to do about Mutton

Ghetto Blood

Officer Munoz

Evil Stepdad

Classic Rock Cop Force

Crank Call Phone Ninjas

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