Episode 46: Were Back with Apoca-Lips!

Were back with the news for the week of Jan 16th 2005. Talking Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man, Ant-man, Captian America: Civil War and the Marvel Netflix Lineup. Masters of the Universe at Sony, Fox wants to Escape from New York with a remake and Star Wars gets a Female Storm Trooper. Plus Comic Book reviews and the abnormal kind of shenanigans you have come to expect. All this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.


Episode 46: Here Comes the Apoca-Lips!


Show Links – Episode 46


Anthony Mackie Talks, Falcon and Civil War



The Scoop on Masters of the Universe Film at Sony. Fingers Crossed.


and remember those Masters of the Universe Mini Comics? No then get educated.



All aboard the Fox Fantastic Four Hate Train



Sly is gonna Go For it again. No really he is.


BTW George Washington Duke. Re -damn-diculous


Fanboys Everywhere Fap as Star Wars 7 gets a Female Stormtrooper



Screw Batman 66 Give me Spider-Man 77


Check out this Trailer for John Carpenters Cigarette Burns. Starring Norman Reedus.


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