Episode 47: We Called It!

The news and rumors for the week of Jan 23rd and yep we called it. DCCU – Batman V Superman Doomsday? Suicide Squad recast with Batman? FX’s The Strain and Hannibal both get trailers while the details of AMC’s The Walking Dead spinoff gets some story revealed and in Comics, DC’s Convergence vs Marvels Secret Wars. Details Revealed Spoilers Ahead. All that plus Friday the 13th gets a game, The X-files Will return and Aliens VS Jurassic Park VS Predator. From our mouths to your ears this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 47: We Called It

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Show Links Episode 47 




Zod is DOOMSDAY in Batman V Superman?? Sounds crazy but…


The Strain Season 2 details


and the Trailer

Hannibal : Season 3 Trailer.  

If your not watching it, your missing something unique and special.

and this

and if your really interested. Watch the PaleyFest Hannibal Panel.

The is a fantastic watch if you are a fan of the show. 

The Walking Dead spinoff gets some story details. 

[TV] Here’s What Happens In “The Walking Dead” Spinoff’s Pilot!

Ed Harris in Westworld

[TV] Ed Harris As “Westworld’s” the Man In Black!

and now here’s something truly original and eerie. The Trailer for

Adam Greene’s Digging the Marrow. 

All the skinny on DC comics Summer Crossover: CONVERGENCE 


All the skinny on Marvel Comics Universe Re-Boot. 


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