Episode 61:

Episode 61 gets real as we discuss what is up with those Warner Brothers DC movies and why they are not all green lit. John Wick 2, Tons of Marvel movie news, Gorilla Grodd hits the Flash, The fate of Constantine is revealed,as well as a DC comics Convergence round up as well as a Marvel Secret Wars review and here’s a hint, We don’t hate it. Settle in get some snacks cause this episode is action packed. This week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 61: Save the Seven

 Show Links

The Latest from The Soska Sisters: Vendetta

This is the link to the article for Warner Brothers Article on The DC movies.


The entire cast of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad


Poor Josh Trank.


Hugh’s last ride as the Wolverine


Constantine dies at N.B.C.




For those who want to know more about I-Zombie


Secret Wars Prelude

Doom Creates and destroys a universe.


It’s destruction causes a ripple effect destroying the multiverse as explained by Reed.

Armegeddon of the multiverse

Secret Wars #1

Secret Wars (2015-) 001-000 Secret Wars (2015-) 001-001 Secret Wars (2015-) 001-002 Secret Wars (2015-) 001-003 Secret Wars (2015-) 001-005

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