Episode 62: Who’s Tights are These?

Accompanying the regular shenanigans this week were talking Mad Max: Fury Road with a spoiler free review. DC TV continues it’s domination with The first trailers for CBS’s Supergirl, CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and TNT live action Titan news as we count down to Hannibal season 3 and The Strain season 2. Plus, Comic reviews for The Walking Dead #141, Convergence #6 and Secret Wars #2. All this and Tom Hanks as Pinhead? This week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 62: Who’s Tights are These?

Show Links

Behold Crimson Peak.

Josh Boone brings us The New Mutants for Fox


Crossbones hits Captain America: Civil War


Cw’s The Legends of Tomorrow

The TNT Titans Lowdown


CBS’s Supergirl

It’s Time to Hunt The Master: The Strain Season 2 July 12 2015

Hannibal Season 3 June 4th 2015

Goodbye Mr. Burns


The Week in Comics

Walking Dead 141 01 Walking Dead 141 03 Walking Dead 141 04 Walking Dead 141 05 Walking Dead 141 06

Convergence (2015) 006-000 Convergence (2015) 006-001 Convergence (2015) 006-002 Convergence (2015) 006-003 Convergence (2015) 006-004 Secret Wars (2015-) 002-000 Secret Wars (2015-) 002-001 Secret Wars (2015-) 002-002 Secret Wars (2015-) 002-003 Secret Wars (2015-) 002-004

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