Episode 63: Leaked from the Phantom Zone

This week The Scarlet Gospels arrive from Clive Barker and we Pinhead’s give our spoiler free first impressions as well as a spoiler free review of the “leaked” Supergirl pilot from CBS. Does it fly? Also World War Z would be better on TV, Doomsday and the Luthor power suit in Batman V Superman, Joker and Harley get close. Plus our TV finale rundown of Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Agents of Shield, our comic book review of Convergence week 7 and more. Now coming to you almost live from the Fortress of Solitude it’s The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 63 Leaked from the Phantom Zone

Show Links

DOOMSDAY for Dawn of Justice


What do Transformers and The Walking Dead have in Common?


Ten things we saw in the speed force.


DC’s Convergence #7

Convergence (2015) 007-000Convergence (2015) 007-001Convergence (2015) 007-002 Convergence (2015) 007-003Convergence (2015) 007-004

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