Episode 64: Hannibal and the Great Cape Conspiracy

This week we are cleaning our dinner plates and getting ready for Season 3 of NBC’s Hannibal. Come with us as we discuss the shows characters, what has happened and where it’s going. Plus, The Transformer shared universe gets it’s first possible movie ideas. Andy Serkis is  a motion capture mastermind so why is everyone mad at him. DC’s Convergence wraps up week, we have the review to prove it as well as Alan Moore’s Providence and Batman and the art of the CGI cape on the set Suicide Squad. Does a cape need to be real? The answer to that and so much more all this week on the House of Gozer podcast.

Episode 64: Hannibal and the Great Cape Conspiracy

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Batman and the great cape Conspiracy


Oh look Harley as them too


Andy Serkis is playing who? Oh that doesn’t sound good.


The Transformers are doing a Bumblebee solo movie?



Everything you need to know about HannibalSeason 1


Hannibal Season 3 First Look

DC’S CONVERGENCE #8. or what I like to call Dissapointence.

Convergence (2015) 008-000 Convergence (2015) 008-001 Convergence (2015) 008-002 Convergence (2015) 008-003 Convergence (2015) 008-004

Alan Moore’s Providence #1

Providence 001-000 Providence 001-001 Providence 001-002 Providence 001-003 Providence 001-004

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