Episode 65: We’ve Come For Your Ears

The House of Gozer Podcast is our name and superhero, sci-fi and horror is our game. This week were talking about the DC cinematic universe as Aquaman officially get a director and writer, The Hollywood Reporter interview with DCCU and WB Creative officer Greg Silverman, and have we seen too much of the Suicide Squad? As well as is Marvel Studios Civil War getting too crowded? Josh Tranks negative heat, The Walking Dead gets a new cast member, The Strain 2 gets a video first look, Dragonball: Super News. Plus, Marvel Comics Secret Wars #3 Review, an anthology Nightbreed novel and what could possibly be the best DC comic to come this year, A review of Justice League #41, The Darkseid War Part 1. All this and who the hell is Big Lob? All this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 65: We’ve Come For Your Ears

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Show Notes

The Movie News

James Wan is getting his snorkel on.



DCCU and WB Creative officer Greg Silverman makes us feel better about what is to come.



Sam Jackson isn’t in Captain America: Civil War? What is going on? Read here.


Josh Trank tries to tell us his side of things.


Lets Talk Some TV

Meet Heath from Season 6 of The Walking Dead on AMC

Hawkens_Heath_ TWD_ Gozer


FX’s The Strain Season Two First Look


The Week in Comics

In our opinion the best DC comic so far in 2015 can’t wait to see what is next.

Justice League #41 – Darkseid War Part 1

Justice League (2011-) 041-000 Justice League (2011-) 041-003 Justice League (2011-) 041-004 Justice League (2011-) 041-005

Secret Wars # 3

Secret Wars (2015-) 003-000 Secret Wars (2015-) 003-002 Secret Wars (2015-) 003-003 Secret Wars (2015-) 003-004 Secret Wars (2015-) 003-015

Harrow County #1

Harrow County 001-001 Harrow County 001-003 Harrow County 001-004

Last but not least.

The Legend of the most under used G.I.Joe. 



and you’re welcome.

oh and those book links we were talking about.

Midian Unmade: A Nightbreed Anthology




Christian highly recommends this Lovecraft anthology


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