Episode 71: Pick on Somebody Your Own Size.

This week were talking about everything we loved about Marvel Studio’s latest superhero film, Ant-Man as well as the latest geek news featuring Jurassic Park 2, 007’s Spectre, Pacific Rim 2, and a Fantastic Four/X-Men team up movie over at FOX. Arrow, X-files TV news as well as what we think about The Strain and Hannibal seasons so far. All that plus A Marvel Zombies: Battleworld #2 review. The Jayme Gumm help desk and Michael Jackson was almost Jar Jar Binks? All this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 71: Pick on Somebody Your Own Size.

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Marvel Studios have done it again with



Jurassic World 2 in 2018 – Details here

Funny: Check out Jurassic Park: the Heels Edition. 

SPECTRE – Full Trailer

Pacific Rim 2 – Details here

The Original Trailer for Pacific Rim

Buy or Rent, Pacific Rim Right Here.

This sounds like a horrible idea. X-Men meets the Fantastic Four.

The only thing worse than that is an Emoji movie.

Jar Jar Jackson has got to be startin something

Pre-Order Link for – Avengers Age of Ultron

Pre-Order Link for – Mad Max- – Fury Road

Let’s Talk Some TV

He’s Putting the Green in CW’s Arrow.

The X-Files Return January 2016

Brand new Trailer Here

BEHOLD. The Hellavator


Marvel-Zombies-002-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-001 Marvel-Zombies-002-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-009 Marvel-Zombies-002-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-020 Marvel-Zombies-002-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-022

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