Episode 72: You Can’t Kill The Killing Joke

This week the podcast goes full tilt fan boy as were talking about why the internet hates the greatest Joker stories ever told. The Killing Joke. DC animation is making a movie of it while the Internet wants to ban it. We weigh in. Also all the DC movie news that sprang from the Empire Magazine September Issue. Batman, Superman, Justice League and it’s all good. As well as Thunderbolts on Netflix. Spider-Man Civil War suit and standalone movie cast rumors. The Death of Superman: What Happened? Movie Review.
News on Netflix’s upcoming Marvel TV line up. The Walking Dead Season 6 cast news. A Star Wars #7 comic book review and we remember a wrestling icon. All this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.


Batman V Superman to Justice league and everything in-between.
Some news from the article
  • They are officially calling it the DC Extended Universe or DCEU for short.
  • It’s one big story and it starts at 2013’s Man of Steel.
  • Snyder has a white board in his office with the entire universe mapped out.
  • There is a Time Line with very movie they are doing where they are going and how they relate to one another.
  • The nolan movies help to set the tone for the DCEU. It is that nolan kind of realism that separates them from Marvel in a great way.
  • The DCEU movies are Tonally different from Marvels. Quoting Snyder “DC is a ancient world in a lot of ways”.
  • This Batman is a grizzled seasoned vigilante that isn’t afraid to push his boundaries to protect people.
  • To Batman, Superman represents a sort of philiophical change. He is a paradigm shift for Batman. When faced with the possibility of someone like Superman, bank robbers don’t matter anymore.
  • Batman is the one who put a lot of the Suicide Squad Away.

For more pictures and the whole story go here.

Unknown-3 Unknown-4
The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? DVD review
” You begin watching this thinking there is no way in hell that a Nic Cage and Tim Burton Superman be something I want to see. By the end you are wishing they would have made it. “
” It really is interesting. The art design for this movie is off the charts and who wouldn’t want to see Nic Cage kicking the crap out of Christopher Walkin? I would pay to see that. “
Here is the first ten minutes to wet your appetite.
Why is there a sunken outcry to ban one of the greatest joker stories ever told?
Good question apparently IQ’s suddenly dropped in America. The Killing Joke, a book published in 1988 by DC comics and written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland has suddenly become a target of editorials asking for it to be banned saying the book depicts and condones rape.
We here at the House of Gozer podcast believe this is so far out of left field that we can’t take it seriously. The Killing Joke does not endorse, condone or even show rape. If you have read it and have a brain you can see that. Violence to women? Yes, I can see that, but Rape, no. If we start banning books because of violence to women or men, pets, kids, rocks to whatever we might as well give up. Rape is never shown it’s never even hinted at.
Listen to the podcast to hear the whole story. 
Here are Links to the Editorials in question to make your own educated decision.
Our advice: Seriously. You guys need to lighten up.
Here is the skinny on what to expect from NETFLIX’S  Marvel shows.
  • Jessica Jones in coming as soon as October 2015
  • Daredevil Season 2 to premier in April 2016
  • Each Marvel Property to be 6 months apart, 2 a year leading up to the Defenders.
  • but wether the Defenders gets made is going to be up to how well received each series is.
  • possible the punisher will get his own series and or end up in the Defenders.
  • Danny Rand aka Iron Fist is the only one not cast yet.

More Here.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Cast News


  • we already know about Corey Hawkens playing Heath.
  • Just announced this week that  Merritt Wever will be Dr. Denise Cloyd.
  • A doctor who preforms a very risky but successful surgery on one of the original cast, she is also Heaths Love interest.
  • and Ethan Embry will be playing “Carter”, who is supposedly a composite of several comic characters.
  • It will be interesting to speculate on which comic characters he is made from.
  • in a recent EW article Negan’s name was brought up again and Gimple replied with its possibility for season 6

Via- Den of Geek. More here.


Star Wars #7  Marvel Comics  By Jason Aaron, Simone Bianchi and Justin Ponsor.
Star Wars (2015-) 007-000 Star Wars (2015-) 007-004 Star Wars (2015-) 007-012 Star Wars (2015-) 007-016
  • Star Wars #7 is an excerpt from Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi’s  journal that he left for Luke to find.
  • Ben is a recluse and it’s taking a toll on him.
  • Tatoonie is having a moisture drought and Jabba is sending thugs to collect water from farmers.
  • Ben Saves Luke.
  • ***1/2

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