Episode 73: A Fantastic Fail

This week Fox’s Fantastic Four dropped into theater’s world wide with a thud. Listen as we review and try to understand just how a movie like this ever happened. Plus, Affleck’s Batman Trilogy. A new Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Attack on Titan final trailer reactions, Star Wars TV on Netflix. A Star Wars Trilogy Steel book releases and why do we hate the kid on The Strain so much? All this and more geek news on the House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 73: A Fantastic Fail

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The Fantastic Failure.

By Christian Ellis

If you have been an avid listener to this podcast you know the utter distain we have had for this movie from the get go. Whether it be the lack of appriation for the comic or director Josh Trank’s nolan-esc take on the first family of comics, we just didn’t buy it. In a movie market where success is measured by how close you can remain to the source material it seemed this reboot of The Fantastic Four was Doomed from the start. (pun intended)

I had said that I would most likely be the one to see it as I am the most optimistic out of the four of us. I also was sort of rooting for this movie in a way. Josh Trank is a film nerd like me and also like myself a big fan of David Cronenberg. Trank’s directorial debut 2012’s Chronicle was an entertaining and sobering look at the reality of having super powers. It was mature and grounded so it seemed a no brainer for this guy to do Fantastic Four. Right?

The Fantastic Four that was released in theaters this past Friday was a clumsy, heartless, fragmented movie that doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it a superhero science movie? Is it a drama about the cost of ones single mined pursuits? Is it about the power of friendship and family coming together to fight for good?  I think that it wanted to be all of those things and if it could have been pulled off I wouldn’t be writing this. Sadly it is none of those things or maybe small pieces of all of those things. Bottom line, you can’t complete a puzzle with half pieces.

The movie ultimately fails from a lack of heart. When Reed and Sue first meet you should feel an instant spark. We didn’t get that. The Thing’s loss of humanity should have been heart wrenching but it wasn’t because not enough time was spent getting to know Ben Grimm. Even when Doom kills Johnny and Sue’s father it falls so flat that it barley registers when it happens and when the Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben finally team up to fight Doom in the end it’s almost as if they had to do it because that is what is expected of them. It’s so forced for the sake of heroism instead of a genuine love of family. That is where this movie fails big time. The Fantastic Four is a family. They love, they bicker, they fight with each other but in the end they care for each other. Watching this, you never get that. Not in one or any moment. It’s a cold, heartless broken film that just got lost in itself.

The Thing as far as his appearance is the best thing about the film. Miles Teller was good. Michael B Jordan was good as Johnny Storm. Which I was happy about since I felt that all the grief he got for being a black actor playing a white guys part was pretty harsh. Toby Kebbel as Victor Von Doom was great as well acting wise. I sort of feel for the actors. Trank at least is vilified that most of his casting was dead on and they made this abomination bearable. Kate Mara though, wow. Her performance is like a deer in the headlights. Seriously I have been in tree houses that were less wooden.

In the days since it’s release Josh Trank has gone to twitter and social media saying that this movie was not his movie and that Fox interfered with his vision from the start. Everything from the actors to the budget. Trank went on to say that he was forced to do reshoots and this led to hostility on and off set as it was rumored that he trashed an apartment while filming. This could all be true or it couldn’t. Either way, Josh  if you knew this was all going on and you knew this was happening you could have just walked away and quit. Many directors have walked off projects due to studio highjacking. If FOX was all up in your craw it meant that they didn’t share your faith in the project or they didn’t trust you. or they are just raging assholes. Which is what a lot of people are probably thinking about you right now. All these excuses seem kindergarden since it was a month ago you were on stage at San Diego Comic Con telling fans of The Fantastic Four that this movie is your vision. ( Episode 70) Also he has been on other podcasts talking about the movie and at no time mentioned any of the struggles with production. Whether this is Trank towing the studio line or him trying not to get sued remains to be seen however it doesn’t do much for his credibility.

This movie’s failure doesn’t just rest on Trank’s shoulders though. Simon Kinsburg and Fox Studios are to blame too. Quite frankly the 2005 Tim Story Fantastic Four movie is closer to the sourse material not to mention a better movie.

This reboot is a complete loss. A Cold, Jumbled, Heartless mess.

What really happened we may never know. Somebody call Jon Schnepp. I think I have his next documentary.

It had so much potential. which by the way half of the scenes of this trailer are not even in the movie.

Don’t just take our word for it.


CONFIRMED. Channing Tatum is officially GAMBIT.

Will Emily Blunt finally Commit to a Marvel Studios role?

The Batman will get a whole new trilogy?

STAR WARS Live Action TV series on NETFLIX?



New line is not letting Freddy Kruger rest in piece.

Prometheus 2? Really?

We are DROOLING over these BLU-RAY steel books.


MADAM MASK faces off against Agent Carter.

FEAR the walking dead gets some good buzz.

X-Men on TV from FOX? Don’t count on it.

Oh and here is that FULL HOUSE biopic.

This Attachttp://www.mylifetime.com/movies/the-unauthorized-full-house-story/video/the-unauthorized-full-house-story-preview-clipk on Titan movie trailer is INSANE!!

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