Episode 74: Lights Out!

This week not even a power cut can stop this show as the boys podcast in the dark literally. On the docket this week are the supposed leaked pics of Spider-Man for real? the Josh Trank vs Fox drama over the Fantasic Flop continues this week now with violence. Will The Fantastic Four ever get a fair shake? Also, John Constantine returns to TV, Jason Voorhees is coming to CW, the Strain and Hannibal rundown as well as some comic reviews for Batman, Secret Wars and The Walking Dead. All this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 74: Lights Out!

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Show Links

Movie News

Is that you Spider-Man?


Oh and the Floptastic Four Drama train just keeps rolling

…so much that it’s coming to blows.

Now featuring lawyers.

Star Wars The Force Awakens, awakens the kids in us with these.


The Sad state of Universal Monsters

Let’s Talk some TV

Constantine Returns

Things will be getting windy on Supergirl

Jason Voorhees is coming to the CW.

The Week in Comics

Batman 43 – Snyder, Capullo  – 4 and a half stars

Batman (2011-) 043-000  Batman (2011-) 043-008

Secret Wars 5  – Hickman, Ribic  – 3 stars

Secret Wars (2015-) 005-000 Secret Wars (2015-) 005-010

The Walking Dead 145 – Kirkman, Adlard 3 Stars

The Walking Dead 145-000 The Walking Dead 145-013

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