Episode 75: We Did it All For the Wookie

This week were talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rouge One. The full hot order from D23 to Entertainment Weekly with some speculation on just who some characters are, who they are linked to and what we can expect. Captain America: Civil War trailer description and who is Cap fighting, Black Panther and Doctor Strange from D23. The Jason Todd/ Joker Leto theory gains a little more steam. Plus, George Miller to direct a DC movie? The Masters of the Universe film, ABC’s new Marvel show More on the Strain and are we done with zombies or are we done with bad zombie knock offs? Along with Justice League 43, Son of Batman, Constantine Hellblazer #3 reviews and what is poopouri?

Find out this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 75: We Did it All For the Wookie

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Entertainment Weekly: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Full Hit Order

cover-ew-13771378-swvii adam-driver general-hux-jpg phasma-jpg ep7-26115-1377-1378-03_0_0 tie-wreck-jpg


Some things to consider from the Entertainment Weekly Article .

Rey and Finn’s last names are not revealed for a reason.

Is Finn a son of a certain Cloud City administrator?

Is Rey the granddaughter of a Dark lord of the Sith?

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

All the Details on Rouge One Thus Far.


  • Rouge one is rumored to be the story of the formation of the Rouge Squadron and the theft of certain Space station Plans.

  • Felicity Jones is out front ( Rumored to be the daughter of Boba Fett, but we seriously doubt that)
  • Behind her is Diego Luna ( rumored to be non other than Biggs Darklighter) Totally Plausable.
  •  along with Donnie Yen all the way on the far right. (said to be blind)

  • Also in Rouge one Forest Whitaker, Ben Medleson and Mads Milkensen. No word on who these guys are playing

Rouge One hits theaters  Dec 2016

We Called it. Colin Trevorrow to direct Star Wars: Episode 9

Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange rundown from D23

Doctor Strange


  • No Footage was shown for Doctor Strange but in a Video showing some art from the film Scott Derickson revealed some plot


” he’s the top neurosurgeon in the world, but has a car accident that
mangles his hands. He goes on a quest for hraling and that is when he
meets the ancient one.”

  • The costume was also revealed as well as some early effect shots of the doc shooting magic bolts from his hands.

Captain America: Civil War 


  • The footage opens with a fight between the new Avengers and Crossbones. Crossbones gets in some hits on Captain America.
  • There’s a moment similar to the post-credit scene of “Ant-Man,” with the Winter Soldier, aka Bucky, and Captain America getting all sentimental.
  • We get a hint of the conflict between Iron Man and Cap, with Tony Stark saying, “Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.”
  • Next comes flashing shots of various superheroes. The Vision is in street clothes, and Chadwick Boseman debuts as Black Panther.
  • After some shots of “powerful beings” running at each other, the footage ends with Ant-Man geeking out after meeting Cap.


Full Trailer is set to be released in November.

The little fan theory that could. Here’s a really good run down of the whole Jason Todd is the Joker in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.



Is this George Miller’s Next Film?

The Is Sabertooth returning for Wolverine 3?

Let’s Talk Some TV

Rest in Peace Batgirl



The Official House of Gozer Podcast Recommended Dead List.

Due to the over saturation of zombies in the media we would like to provide a list of what we feel are the greatest examples of living Dead fiction and are not just main stays in your weekly dead diet but these are the bar for which all shall be measured.

The House of Gozer: Dead List.

1. Night of the Living Dead 1968

3. Day of The Dead 1986

4. Night of The Living Dead 1990

5. Mira Grant – The Newsflesh Trilogy

6. The Walking Dead – Comic

7. The Walking Dead – The Governor Series

8. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

9. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

11. The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks

12. Night of the Living Dead – Comic Avatar Press

The Week in Comics

Justice League #43 Johns, Fabok.

Justice League (2011-) 043-000 Justice League (2011-) 043-021

Batman is a new god.

Superman is bleeding on Apocolypse.

Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor are going head to head.

It’s doesn’t get much better than this.


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