Episode 79: What’s Your Pleasure Mr. Cotton?

This week it’s a return to the topic shows of old as we kick off our countdown to All Hallows Eve with a celebration of one of the most unique, shocking and memorable horror films ever that set a standard few, if any have matched. Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Why we love it, our favorite scenes, trivia and why after 27 years does it still hold up. We have some geek news too this week as we talk about the latest Star Wars rumors. Original Trilogy release? Hayden to play Anakin again? Oh no, Prometheus Sequels? Listen as Brian unleashes the Kracken. So get comfortable. Light some candles and put the puzzle box down for a chain rattling good time this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 79: What’s Your Pleasure Mr. Cotton?

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In the Rumor Mill this week..

Disney to release Original Theatrical Cuts of the Original Trilogy?

John Landis
John Landis who was doing promotions for Universals Halloween nights American Werewolf in London Maze was asked If he would ever update his movies like George did Star Wars?
His response was:
“First of all, [the studio] wouldn’t let me. George owns his movies, so he can do what he wants … My personal opinion is George hurt his movies by doing what he did. However, George said to me, ‘But they’re my movies.’ I thought, ‘That’s fair.”

“Did you know Disney, by the way, is putting out the original Star Wars the way it was? So Disney, they’re like, money on the floor.”

  • So maybe he just heard this rumor – like we’ve all heard this rumor, over and over again. Or, Maybe he knows something we don’t being friends with George and all.
  • Comic book.com reported it as fact but until it comes officially from Disney, it is a rumor.
  • Bottom Line: We would love to see this happen someday. Crossing fingers it might.

The Full Story Here

Hayden Christiansen to reprise a role in Episode 8???

Hayden, Vader
 Making Star Wars.com ( which has had a pretty good accuracy rate involving rumors) Has said that they heard that…
“A team in the U.K. are soon heading to the U.S. to begin training Hayden Christensen for a Star Wars: Episode VIII appearance of some sort.”
What do we think?
  • Now, It has been also rumored that Darth Vader will be seen in Rouge One Shooting now at Pinewood studios in London.
  • We also know that Episode 8 which just started production is also to be shooting at Pinewood. Coincidence?
  • But If Hayden is being called to set it means that his face would have to be seen. I mean they can get anyone to walk in that suit to be Vader.
  • I would imagine this involves a flash back of sorts. Maybe of Anakin during the clone wars, or Vader before his Duel on Mustafar.
  • It could also be a playback or something having to do with the Jedi Holocrons, which we know is a part of the Force Awakens.
  • There is also a rumor of rumor that Vader is being cloned by the Knights of Ren. This we don’t buy.

If true this could be very cool indeed.

Ask any Star Wars fan and they will tell you the prequel trilogy is inferior to the original and in a lot of ways they are right. But if these new movies can link the prequels in a way that is fun and exciting then an appearance by Anakin or Vader could validate the prequels and perhaps change then way we view them.

We will see.

Question: When is Prometheus Alien and when is Alien Prometheus?

Answer: When it’s Alien: Paradise Lost.


Ridley Scott will direct a sequel to his 2012 Alien prequel that wasn’t a prequel but is kind of sort of a prequel, Prometheus.


Any one who has listened to this podcast knows how we feel when it comes to Prometheus. Be it Plot holes, a bad script, bad characters, not to mention all the questions fans of his classic 1979 Alien, Scott promised to answer like, Who was the Space Jockey? What was he doing there? Why did he have a ship full of perfect organisms? Where did he come from? All of those questions went unanswered and made some fans, House of Gozer podcast member Brian downright angry.

So now with all shared universe success Marvel Studios is having , the money making formula is tricking down to Fox where a Alien Shared universe will be attempted with a Prometheus sequel that is not called Prometheus 2 rather, Alien: Paradise Lost.

Ridley Scott

Read the full story Here

We have heard it before. Not going to believe it until we see it. With no Lindelof around though, who knows.


clive-barkers-hellraiser ART

HELLRAISER is a 1987 film Starring Andrew Robinson, Clair Higgins, Doug Bradley and Ashley Lawrence. To this date there has been nothing released quite like it. A horror movie, a thriller, an erotic fantasy. Straight from the mind of Clive Barker it was the author turned director’s first film and it would be a production like no other.

Hellraiser is based on the short Story ” The Hellbound Heart”
The Hellbound Heart – is about a man who makes a deal with darkness in pursuit of the ultimate pleasure and the woman who would do anything to have him back.
  • The hellhound heart first appeared in Novemeber of 1986 in the third volume of the Night Visions anthology series.
  • It would later be released in paperback after the success of the film.

 There is something about Clive Barker’s Hellraiser that stays with you long after you have seen it. There is a brutality and sensuality to it. A perversity that marks your mind. It is unique in the way that so many films of it’s time could not match. There is nothing like it in cinema.


ashley laurence 1

The Score

What would Hellraiser be without its magnificent score composed by Christopher Young.
Originally Clive wanted the band Coil to compose the music for his first feature film.
Coil   coil01b
While the Coil music is weird and alluring in it’s own right. If you were to imagine the opening credits set to Coils music. It doesn’t work in regards to the scale and scope of the film.
Personally, I like the Coil music for Hellraiser. It’s a fun listen as an alternate score.  It carries it’s own brand of creepiness and sadness.
For a score more fitting to the scope and story of the film Christopher Young was hired.
Christopher Young’s score is epic. The main theme is a beautiful and foreboding waltz that carries with it a sense of tragedy and doom. Truly Gothic. It fits so well with not only the feel of the film but also the underlining meaning behind the story.
C. Young
” The wonderful thing about “Hellraiser” was that it was a twisted love story…a very sick, sick love story. And to that end it really gave me the opportunity to look at the whole horror genre, as it relates to music, in a different light. And that’s exactly what Clive encouraged me to do. He said, “I know you can do the scary stuff. I know what you did on “Elm Street 2.” But that’s not what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for a sick romantic haunted score. And so I did the score based on that. And I don’t think anyone…I don’t think even Clive knew…that the film was going to be as big of a hit as it was. I may be wrong. Maybe in his heart he knew. We all knew it should have been. And it became a cult classic.”
Love is a beautiful thing, a tragic thing and also a deadly thing is it not?
Young’s score for Hellraiser is a true musical masterpiece in my opinion. His score for the sequel Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 doesn’t carry with it the same feel as the original but goes above that and delivers something stronger and much more driven.
Highly recommended listening.
Quote from interview from MediaMikes.com

Hellraiser Trivia

  • Clive signed away the rights to the characters believing it would not be a success.
  • The Character of Kirsty was now a daughter of Larry Cotton instead of a female Friend to Rory
  • The concept of a cube being used as a portal to hell has its basis in the urban legend of The Devil’s Toy Box, which concerns a six-sided cube constructed of inward-facing mirrors. According to legend, individuals who enter the structure and then close it will undergo surreal, disturbing phenomenon that will simultaneously grant them a revelatory experience and permanently warp their mind.
  • Andrew Robinson convinced Clive Barker to replace the scripted line, “Fuck you,” with the line actually shot, “Jesus wept.”
  • For the video release, the film had one of the most unusual pieces of bonus material that has ever been offered: a Home Shopping Network show where merchandise from the movie could be purchased. The show was hosted by a giddy old lady claiming to be a hardcore fan of the movie.
  • Clive Barker tried to take a book out of the library about how to direct a movie :  He wanted to become a director to protect his stories in film, so another Rawhead Rex didn’t happen. But then Barker hit a snag, “I went to my local library to find a book on film directing and they had two, but they were both checked out. And I thought, ‘Oh, I’m so fucked, I don’t even have a book!'”
  • it was Andrew Robinson’s idea to replace the script’s generic “fuck off” as his last line with the now oft-quoted phrase (and, incidentally, the shortest verse in the King James Bible) “Jesus wept!”
  • The movie was filmed in London but investors wanted it to be set in America so many actors including Sean Chapman who played Frank had his voice overdubbed.
  • New World nixed The Hellbound Heart as the title because they thought it sounded like a romance. They didn’t much like the Hellraiser title either, and Barker said he’d change it only if someone could come up with a better alternative. According to him, “One of the very English, very proper ladies working on the set said it should called ‘what a woman will do for a good fuck.'” His own working title for the movie was Sadomasochists From Beyond The Grave.

HOG Hellraiser EP 279

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