Episode 82: The Icons of Horror – His Name was….

Through the years three have been many monsters to hit the silver screen but only a few of these monsters can be Icons. This week we continue our countdown to Halloween as we introduce a new segment to the podcast. The Icons of Horror. Where the guys pull their collective geek powers together to determine once and for all which Jason is the best Jason. That’s right, our first inductee into The House of Gozer Podcast Icons of Horror series is none other than that campground machete wielding mommas boy, Jason Voorhees.

( like the title didn’t give it away )

Also a review of Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film Crimson Peak as well as a little geek news thrown in for good measure. So lock the doors, close the blinds and sit tight and find out who will survive this episode of The House of Gozer Podcast.

Episode 82: The Icons of Horror – Jason Voorhees

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Crimson Peak 

The Icons of Horror.

Inductee Number 6.

Jason Voorhees


Art By Quasilucid

Christian’s Pick

Friday The 13th (2009) Jason played by Derrick Mears

220px-Fridaythe13th2009 interf131909

26017068-26017077-large fridayblurayreview3-thumb-550x235-19729 friday_the_13th_2009_2782_poster 016b

” The remake Jason I think is the closest you would get if this guy was a real threat. He has skills, he can think, he is a predator and that makes him truly scary. He is totally believable and not to be messed with. “

– Christian

Jason’s Pick

Kane Hodder’s Jason.  Parts 7, 8, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X.


g-620x400 newblood kane-hodder1 kane-hodder_Jason_X

” As a Fan when I think of Jason Voorhees I think of Kane Hodder. He brought anger to Jason I mean just to see  Jason stand there you can see the anger. Kane Hodder’s Jason is an undead killing machine, A beast.” 

– Jason 

Brian’s Pick

Jason X.  AKA: Uber Jason

played by Kane Hodder


\jasonx4 tumblr_nmwn7gn53l1qjxgmho1_1280

” He’s like a force of Nature. Like a Gollum at this point” 


Aaron’s Pick

Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason takes Manhattan

Jason Played by Kane Hodder


friday81 friday-the-13th-part-8-viii-jason-takes-manhattan-boat-window-attack-survivor-rennie-wickham-jensen-daggett-review-kane-hodder friday-the-13th-part-viii-jason-takes-manhattan 6a00e54ee7b642883301157147c8f4970c-800wi

“That guy is a monster. I mean how could you not be scared of somebody like that.”


The Verdict

Kane Hodder’s versions of Jason won out over Derrick Mears as being the Jason most memorable.

That was until Jason revealed Kane was Really into ICP.

Everyone switched their votes to Derrick Mears.

Kane, Please don’t kick our asses. 

Bottom line it both these guys embody the character of Jason Voorhees so well.

Derrick brought a raw energy. His Jason is a predator. A hunter. Someone who under the right set of circumstances could exist in the real world. Something that is truly scary.

Kane’s Jason is a juggernaut. An unstoppable force. There is no way you are going to stop him. His Jason had an anger and rage you could feel when you watch him. Hard to do under all that makeup.

A nod to Kane’s acting skills.

In the End, Kane Reigns supreme.


His Jason is the bar to which all those who come after will be judged,

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