Episode 86: Great Kid, Don’t Get Cocky!

This week Disney is rollin out the marketing weapons for Star Wars the Force Awakens and the boys are discussing and dissecting the details with minor spoilers ahead. AMC brought the world The Walking Dead and has shattered ratings season after season. Will they do it again with Empire of the Dead? Find out why the guys think it won’t work. Who is Zoom? If you watch The Flash on CW you might be asking your self the same question. The answer may be in this podcast. Plus, Old man Ridley is at it again with more Prometheus 2 mutterings. Suicide Squad and Aquaman movie news. The Walking Dead casts Negan and a review of Max Landis’s Superman: American Alien. All that and more this week on The House of Gozer Podcast.

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 Star Wars: The Marketing Blitz Awakens

EW Coverage  TV Spots   Special Previews.
Harrison Ford interview – 
  • there are a lot of similarities between Han Solo and Harrison ford.  which is why the actor has had some sore things to say about his character.
  • they both like to fly
  • they are both stoic
  • and they are both smart asses
  • In fact , he prefers indy over solo
  • He calls the new movie an expansion of theme.
  • He is quoted as saying of Han Solo, “He does not aspire to the position of Obi-‘Ben’ Kenobi, nor do I aspire to be some New Age Alec Guinness. His development is consistent with the character, and there are emotional elements which have occasioned his growth.”
other note worthy things to mention – Possible Spoilers ahead here. 
  • Princess Leia is now General Leia, but someone is going to mess up and call her Princess. Guess who?
  • Leia’s Story as JJ abrams put it is one of the Heavier stories in the film. Imagine fighting for a cause your whole life and the frustration that naturally comes from being called to fight some more.
  • Rey was left on Jakku by her family and she doesn’t know why.
  • Gwedeloine Christie’s Captain Phasma isn’t the only Female stormtrooper. ( “We had women in stormtrooper costumes in the movie,” Abrams says, so audiences will be seeing a mixed gender fighting force from The First Order whether they realize it or not.)
Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.22.20 PM
  • Finn stole Poe’s jacket? Or did he give it to Finn? either way these two meet before that clip in the trailer where Poe gives Finn a Glad you made you made it slap on the back.
  • Luke Skywalker is a villain. Sort of…  Soldiers in the First Order are raised from childhood to serve this remnant of the scattered Imperial forces are fed propaganda about the heroes of the Rebellion. Unlike Rey, Finn has learned a lot about Luke Skywalker — but he has been taught he was a villain who destroyed the benevolent Empire.
TFAFinalTrailer- 02
  • we will find out just who the lights of Ren are and what they want.
  • Vanity Fair did a video Called ask JJ and one of the questions he got was from George Lucas in which lucas asks him, ” JJ, what happened to Darth Vaders Grandkids?



Horror Icon Gunner Hanson – Passed away on Saturday at 68. 
  • Died of Pancreatic Cancer
  • He was the first Leatherface and the mold for all donned the bloody apron after him.
  • His Leatherface was the Best and the Original is still the best. He was frightening in a real world way.
  • He went on to appear in 20 films but considered his film career a side project.
  • He was an author and taught college as an adjunct instructor
  • Gunnar also appeared in Texas Chainsaw 3D
Ridley Scott – Alien: Paradise Lost will reveal who created the Alien? 
As we have talked about before on this podcast. Prometheus was a well shot beautiful film, but it’s story well leaves much to be desired.
In face we had a whole show dedicated to it.
Listen here.
Prometheus was originally to be a one-shot sci-fi film that would bridge directly into Alien and explain how the Engineer ship ending up destroyed and decayed in Alien.
Then Came Damon Lindelof….and the rest is well sorry.
So Ridley is making Alien: Paradise Lost he goes to say “Prometheus 2 [Alien: Paradise Lost] will start getting shot in February and I’ve already begun now so I know what the script is,” says Scott. “Then there will be another one after that and then maybe we’ll back into Alien 1, as to why? Who would make such a dreadful thing?”
I don’t read who created the alien out of that statement. Do you?
Concept art for Supreme Leader Snoke.
We have all been wondering just who Supreme Leader Snoke is. We know he is played by Andy Serkis and we know he is involved in the First Order and we know he will be a fully CG character.
Every though this concept art looks like one of Mum Ra’s minions from Thundercats I am sure he will be a Force to be reckoned with.



FLASH – Who is ZOOM. 

It is a question we have been asking since the start of Season 2 of the Flash. Christian has a Theory. 
  • Ok we know of the existence of the Multi Verse and Earth 2
  • Earth 2 is full of doplegangers
  • There has been no mention of Barry Allen from Earth 2
  • Zoom is Henry Allen. On Earth 2 It wasn’t Nora Allen that died it was Barry. So when The parcel accelerator went haywire it gave the speed force the Henry and he is obsessed with using time travel to bring his son back. but his obsession has turned him evil.
  • It mirrors Barry’s journey in season 1
  • Plus look at photos of ZOOM and John Westley ship. Last week I kept looking at pics the way we walks, I am betting that is john Westly shipp in that ZOOM suit. Look at his eyes. It a Dead giveaway


We knew this was coming: Jeffery Dean Morgan is Negan. 
  • So does that mean that last weeks rumored casting of Garret Dillahunt who we thought might be Negan could be someone else instead?

Glenn, take our advice. Duck.

Speaking of AMC and The Living dead AMC picks up EMPIRE OF THE DEAD ? 
and this comes via bloody disgusting 

Empire of the Dead” artist Arthur Suydam was interviewed recently at the Louisville Wizard World Comic Con where he announced that the Marvel comic, which is written by zombie king George A. Romero, is going to be an AMC program.

This just got signed to AMC. The new big zombie series on AMC is expected to be this one right here,” Suydam told

AMC has yet to confirm or deny this, which usually means something is afoot as this story gained speed and speed very quickly.

Ok here is my problems with this

  1. For the last several years, George Romero ** has been bad mouthing the walking dead basically saying ” it’s a soap opera with a few zombies in it and while I have said many many times on this podcast, Kirkman needs to cut George a check , George as much as I love that man comes off salty.
  2. George did invent the genre of the living dead and he is responsible for three of the best films of all time. Night, Dawn and Day of the dead. George is also responsible for the most boring Dead movie of all time, Survival of the dead.
  3. Empire of the dead which was published by Marvel comics was Sorry George, FUCKING BORING. in Empire of the Dead the dead are being used as entertainment, as gladiators. A columbia state doctor allies with survivors in Empire State formally New York that is run by Vampires. Plus there is a zombie with a living conscious thrown in there too. I loved seeing a continuation of Romero’s Dead world but the Vampires cancelled it out for me. Ultimantly it feels derivative and hammy. 
  4. AMC is home to The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead and now, if true, Empire of the Dead? Seems like too much not to mention the fact that The Waking Dead is SO STRONG now.
SO Why would AMC risk watering down a genre that is already overexposed across platforms?
It Only works if EMPIRE is a hit. The Walking Dead has elevated the genre. If it sucks, it hurts the Genre. A genre that is again overexposed.


Star Wars Card Trader app available on Google Play and for of I devices
Check it out here.


Superman - American Alien (2015-) 001-000.jpg
Superman – American Alien written by Max Landis  pencils by nick dragotta.
It’s a really interesting look at Superman when his is growing up and each issue is a certain part of his adolescence and dealing with his ever growing powers.
Issue one is called Dove and it opens with Clark rising in the night air with Martha Kent hanging on to him for dear life. Clark feel like an outcast and he is to an extent.He has no contra over his powers and how they manifest.  He tries to deal with it and it gets the better of him. The heart of the story is How John and Martha try to help their adopted son learn to fly. Fist Johnathon running through the corn fields with clark over his head, and then when that didn’t work, having him stand in the pack of a speeding pick up truck.
When Clark just starts to float up again, johnathan has to rescue him. not going to spoil how he does it.
The story is all Heart and you can tell Max Lanis loves Superman. This comic is a love letter.


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